Have you ever wanted the Swagbucks toolbar without installing Conduit? I love Swagbucks and its toolbar looks great but I hate Conduit and it's annoyances that include changing your default search, homepage, and hijacking your new tabs. Therefore, I have extracted the swag_bucks.xpi and the crx so you can install the toolbar and easily remove it just like any other addon or extension.

Latest Firefox version:

Official link from Conduit. Download the Firefox xpi here.
Alternate link here

Latest Chrome version:

Official link from Conduit. Download the Chrome crx here
If installing from the official link, you must go to the link in chrome or else it will not download. If installing from alternate link, you can download from any browser. You also may see this message xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/">Bad request but it means nothing and is safe
Alternate link here.
If you have any problems, comment below.


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